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What We Do

Media Monitors formally Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe (MMPZ), conducts media monitoring and analyses trends in the Zimbabwean media. Media Monitors has been conducting media monitoring in Zimbabwe since 1999. The organisation monitors print, electronic and online media on a daily basis (24/7).

How We Do It

We monitor video footage from the country’s sole television station (ZTV), audio from seven radio stations (SFM, Radio Zimbabwe, Power FM, National FM, Star FM, ZiFM and Channel Zim) as well as 15 local newspapers. Media Monitors identifies and analyses editorial and advertising trends in the media.

The organisation is a hub for all media information in Zimbabwe, providing a holistic assessment of media and information output and its impact in the public interest.

Media Monitors has a business arm, Media Vantage, which offers different monitoring services to different clients.

Areas of Expertise

We specialise in the following key areas:

Monitoring & Research

We hope to enhance the public’s understanding of news and provide a mirror for the media to introspect on representations in the news.


Media Monitors has a rich archive which comprises scanned newspapers dating from 2000 and ZTV recordings from 1999.

Media Vantage

Media Vantage is a subsidiary department of Media Monitors, which deals with corporate clients’ request for monitoring services.

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